The teaching of Jesus in the gospels is a warning against greed and vanity.  It is a warning of the destructive consequences of those human attributes exalted into positions of power.  The logically predicted outcome of governing ourselves by such forces was destruction.  It was a warning against guiding ourselves by such forces that only serve to corrupt and attract the lost among us.  With these exalted powers as the guiding force of human affairs, and directing the course of human history, destruction can only result.  It is no wonder then that the message of Jesus was discarded and ignored by the powerful institutions of the past, and even still continued into present day.  But the message of Jesus is still alive and well inside the gospels, and it is still a threat to power.  Inside the book the parables of Jesus are organized and assembled for easy study to paint the clearest picture to date of what the holy man from Nazareth was actually teaching when those in power began to call for his crucifixion.  As the world now enters its sixth mass extinction event and climate changes accelerate it is worth taking a fresh look at the remarkable predictions of the holy man from Nazareth.  Humanity now stands in an orchard full of dead trees debating the best way to go about collecting apples. The product of years of study.  Writer: The Theology of Jesus Christ   (I make 1 cent for each paperback sold)