The words of Jesus Christ in the canonical gospels can be shown a consistent philosophical teaching, yet Christianity has corrupted and discarded the very message that could have theoretically in widespread practice saved humanity from the destruction of our planet. Most are unaware of the philosophical consistency of the red letters in the gospels. It happens to be the case that Christianity is a living contradiction of the words spoken by Jesus in the gospels.  It is also happens to be the case that the teaching of a humble life free from material excess might have redirected humanity away from the now scientifically proven destruction fast approaching due to our failure to live in humble balance with one another and our earth.  Due to numerous feedbacks in the earth’s climate system exponential climate change is now an impending threat to human survival.  We have committed our species to the worst impacts of climate change.  It is scientifically assured.  Humanity now stands in an orchard full of dead trees debating the best way to go about collecting apples.  More information on the state of the planet can be found on my Facebook page.  Writer: The Theology of Jesus Christ   (I make 11 cents for each papaerback sold)  “The definition of the word faith is complete confidence or trust in someone or some thing. As such, I am quite confident that in this book I have invalidated the whole of Christian theology with the words of Jesus Christ in the gospels. Not only this, but I also believe that by a literal philosophical reading the words attributed to Jesus in the gospels do show that he accurately predicted the end of humanity on earth, and that he was able to do so for very logical reasons. The biggest enemy of the message of Jesus Christ is the Christian church. And I believe this to be irrefutable, if the words of Jesus Christ are to hold weight and Christians are to have faith in them anyway.” -John Micah Bakies